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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What does Finally Hair Fiber do?
A. Finally Hair Fibers are used to conceal hair loss. People all over the world use Finally Hair Fiber to look younger and feel better. The Fibers blend with your existing hair to cover thin and balding spots in minutes, giving the appearance of a full thick head of hair. They are virtually undetectable so nobody will know it is not your natural hair.
Q. Can Finally Hair Fibers cover gray or root re-growth?
A. Finally Hair Building Fibers is a great way to cover both gray hair and cover colored hair root re-growth! It is an easy and effective way to cosmetically address both problems. Many people use Finally Hair Building Fibers to lengthen the life of their hair color treatment.

Q. Are Finally Hair Fibers safe?
A. Yes. Finally Hair Fiber is totally safe and hypoallergenic.

Q. Can I mix different colors of Finally Hair Fiber?
A. Yes, colors can be mixed to match your hair color. Multiple colors can be used by applying one of the colors (usually the darker shade first) and then the second color over it. Alternatively you can mix the two colors in an empty bottle to customize a color before application.

Q. Do I need hairspray?
A. Hairspray is recommended as it will lock the Fibers to your hair so they don't fall out. Finally Hair offers a Fiber Lock Mist that is specifically formulated to work with the Fibers and give an added hold as well as shine. It is advised to stay away from any aerosol hairsprays because the pressure from the spray may shift the Fibers out of place.

Q. Can I use Finally Hair Building Fiber with other styling products?
A. Yes. Finally Hair Building Fibers can be used with any other styling products. We suggest you utilize all styling products (other than hairspray) on your hair prior to applying Finally Hair Building Fibers. Applying gels, mousses, pastes, serums, etc. after applying Finally Hair Building Fibers may cause the fibers to shift out of place thereby exposing areas that you want to cover. Make sure you let all styling products dry before applying Finally Hair Fibers.

Q. Can I use Finally Hair Building Fibers with a hairdryer/flat iron/curling iron?
A. It is recommended that Finally Hair Building Fiber be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons and curling irons. Once your hair is styled, Finally Hair Fibers should be used to complete your desired look and add thickness to your thinning areas.

Q. Can I apply Finally Hair Building Fibers to wet hair?
A. No, Finally Hair Building Fibers must be applied to dry hair. If the Fibers are applied to wet hair they will not adhere properly and can clump together. For best results make sure your hair is completely dry before applying the Fibers.

Q. Will Finally Hair Fibers come off on my clothes/pillow/etc.
A. Finally Hair Fibers combine with the hairspray to lock to your existing hair ensuring a long-lasting look of thickness. The Fibers do not come off on your clothes. When used with Finally Hair Fiber Lock Hairspray, the fibers should not come off on your pillow at night. You can always use shampoo to completely remove the Fibers from your hair.

Q. Are Finally Hair Fibers waterproof?
A. Finally Hair fibers are temporary makeup.  The fibers are held in place with hair spray.  Most hair sprays are sweat and perspiration resistant. We suggest you carry a small umbrella with you if you feel there is going to be a down pour. Remember anything that washes the hair spray out will also wash the fibers out. Finally Hair does offer a waterproof dab-on concealer. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Q. How long will a bottle of Finally Hair Fibers typically last?
A. On average a 28 gram bottle of Fibers lasts around 60 days with everyday use. Obviously this can vary based on the size of the areas you are trying to cover.

Q. How long can I go without shampooing/how long with the Finally Hair Fibers stay in?
A. Finally Hair Fibers can stay in for up to a week or until you shampoo. Naturally, the Fibers may shift over the course of a week. You can be easily add more Fibers to reproduce the desired look.

Q. Can I use Finally Hair Building Fiber while taking other medications?
A. Yes. Finally Hair Fibers are designed to be safe with all medications as it is an effective yet entirely cosmetic solution to your thinning hair. It is always recommended to consult your physician should you have any specific questions.

Q. Will Finally Hair Fiber re-grow my hair?
A. No, Finally Hair Fibers do not re-grow hair. The Fibers are designed to eliminate the signs of thinning hair as a temporary cosmetic application. The Fibers attach to your existing hair to deliver a thicker, fuller look instantly until you shampoo them out.

Q. Can I go swimming while using Finally Hair Fibers?
A. No, Finally Hair Fibers are a temporary cosmetic solution that washes out much like any other makeup.

Q. Do you have any hair loss concealers that are waterproof?
A. Yes, we offer a waterproof dab on concealer. You can
click here to learn more about it.

Q. If I am totally bald can I use Finally Hair Fiber?
A. No, Finally Hair Fibers is ineffective on individuals with no hair. The Fibers work by adhering to the existing hair on the head and is most effective when used in conjunction with thin or thinning hair. So, without some existing hair, the Fibers will not stay in place and they cannot achieve the desired results.

Q. Will Finally Hair Fiber clog my pores?
A. Finally Hair Fibers will not clog pores nor will they dry out the scalp. Finally Hair Fibers are completely safe and will not have any unwanted reactions such as clogging of the pores.

Q. Is Finally Hair a good solution if I suffer from Alopecia?
A. Yes. Many people with Alopecia use our Fibers.

Q. Can I use Finally Hair Fibers if I had chemotherapy?
A. Yes. Many cancer patients use Finally Hair Fibers.

Q. Does Finally Hair Fibers work on Ethnic Hair?
A. Yes, men and woman everywhere and people of all walks of life trust Finally Hair Fibers to help them achieve the look they desire and Finally Hair Building Fibers has consistently proven to be an effective solution for thinning hair of all types.

Q. Can I refill my Finally Hair Fiber applicator bottle?
A. Yes. All of our bottles are refillable and we sell refill bags in various sizes. 

How do you refill your bottle? All Finally Hair bottles are refillable so you can save money by using refill bags after the initial bottle purchase. Watch this quick video to learn how to open the bottle. It is easy as 1-2-3!

Q. What colors are available?
A. Finally Hair Fibers come in many colors. Some of the most popular colors are:

  1. Medium Brown
  2. Dark Brown (has a very slight tint of red for reddish brown hair)
  3. Dark Chocolate Brown (deep brown with no red)
  4. Light Brown
  5. Black (jet black)
  6. Soft Black
  7. Dark Blonde
  8. Medium Blonde (our 2nd lightest blonde shade)
  9. Golden Blonde
  10. Sandy Blonde
  11. Blonde (light blonde, our lightest blonde shade)
  12. Light Medium Brown
  13. Auburn
  14. Red
  15. Gray
  16. Dark Gray
  17. Pure White
  18. Off White
  19. Light Salt & Pepper
  20. Medium Salt & Pepper
  21. Dark Salt & Pepper
  22. Grey & Pepper Dark
  23. Grey & Pepper Light

Click here to see actual fibers for some of our staple colors.  Please feel free to email us if you want a picture of a color that is not in this picture.

Q. What is the difference between hair fibers and the Waterproof Dab-on Concealer?
A. The Waterproof Dab-on Concealer uses a sponge type applicator. Simply rub the sponge into the Dab-on Concealer shadow powder and dab it onto the thinning area.  The shadow powder works amazing as a foundation for the fibers.  It can make a soft hairline so you can apply the fibers slightly further back for density. Using the Dab-on Concealer first as a base coat will likely reduce the amount of hair fibers you use as well as create a very soft natural appearance.

The Dab-on concealer also works to fill in beards that may be patchy or not thick enough. Simply dab the sponge onto the area you wish to improve.

Many people also use the Dab-on concealer to thicken or create eyebrows. One method is to use an eyebrow stencil. Put the proper shape stencil over the eyebrow and swipe across it with the dab-on sponge.  Or use the eyebrow brush that is included.

The Dab-on concealer has many uses. We suggest you try it.

Q. What is the difference between Finally Hair colors and unrelated brands like Toppik or Xfusion?
A. Toppik and Xfusion hair colors tend to run slightly darker than Finally Hair. Our colors are in line with standard hair dye colors to make it easier for our customers who dye their hair.  For example, click here to see a comparision between our Medium Brown and Toppik / Xfusion Medium Brown.  If you use Toppik or Xfusion dark brown, we suggest either our "Dark Chocolate Brown" or our "Soft Black".  If you have brown hair the "Dark Chocolate Brown" is excellent.  If you hair is almost black our "Soft Black" is ideal.  If you are currently using Toppik or Xfusion medium blonde, then please try our "Dark Blonde". 

Q. How do I determine which size refill bags I need?
A. Our standard size shaker bottle holds 28 grams of hair fibers. That means if you purchase a 57 gram refill bag you will receive enough fibers to refill your bottle approximately twice.  If you order the 114 gram refill bag it will fill the bottle approximately 4 times. The 228 gram approximately 8 times. The 456 gram approximately 16 times.

Our factory weighs each refill bag of fibers on Jeweler's scales that are precise up to 100th of a gram.  Only a Jeweler's scale which is accurate to at least 100th of a gram can give accurate weight readings when it comes to hair fibers... other scales like postal scales won't give true readings.
Hair fibers carry some water weight so the final settled weight can vary slightly due to the atmospheric conditions. We store our hair fibers in climate controlled warehouses that have additional air handler equipment that works to draw the water out of the fibers as much as possible after they are packed. We also put desiccant packets in to further draw out moisture because hair fibers work the best when their water content is as low as possible. This can cause a slight reduction in "water weight" and settlement weight. If we didn't do this the fibers become more clumpy and don't work as well. We suggest you store you fibers in a dry place.

All copyrights are the property of their respective owners. 

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