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Hair Loss In Women

hair loss in women   hair loss in women   hair loss in women
Even though men are more likely to lose their hair than women, according to 60% of all women over the age of 60 suffer from some hair loss. Hair loss in women is a natural progression because as women age, their hair will often thin out.
What else causes woman to lose their hair? It can be the result of any kind of surgery, severe illness or even the flu, a physical accident or even using just too many harsh chemical products at the salon.  
Telogen effluvium is a medical term for female hair loss. Many parts of our body are programmed to recreate themselves. That's why when you cut yourself the skin heals and new cells appear.  Hair is programmed as well. It has its own life cycle which happens in 3 phases:
1) The growth phase;
2) The rest phase;
3) The shedding phase.
Stress is another leading cause of hair loss in women.  Stress or shock causes the hair to go into the 3rd phase, shedding.
If you suffer from a trauma you may see noticable hair loss a few months after the fact. Some think that smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or drugs can cause hair loss.
Hair loss in women is very demoralizing. The good news is that Finally Hair fiber is a great solution. We often recieve heart warming letters from our users. One Finally Hair user wrote:
"I have terribly thin hair. I am 63 and have tried everything. I am so thankful that you have invented this great product. I look forward to doing my hair in the morning instead of dreading trying to hide the scalp. I have tried many products but yours, by far, is the best. It means an awful lot to me to look better. Again, Thank you."
There are varying degrees of female hair loss. The below Ludwig scale depicts the hair loss many women suffer from. 
hair loss in women
Level III and Advanced hair loss are the two most difficult cases. The wider the area where there is no hair the more challanging it is for the hair fiber to not produce a carpet like effect rather than natural looking hair. Finally Hair is currently working on a prep solution that helps the hair to elevate and look more real in severe cases. We hope to introduce this solution soon.
If you send us a picture of the top of your head, we can give you an appraisal of how well we feel the fiber will cover for your particular situation. We may also be able to offer you some tips on how to style your hair for the best results.
female hair loss before and after
We appreciate any before and after pictures our customers would like to share with us. We will only share them with other potential users if you grant us your written permission. 
Thank you for using Finally Hair building fiber.  

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Hair Surgeon Recommended - Finally Hair Building Fibers

Dr. Bruno Szyferman, Hair Surgeon

"I highly recommend Finally Hair building fibers. They are top quality, hypoallergenic, and look completely natural. Its almost like a 2 minute pain free hair transplant in a bottle. Give them a try. You will be glad you did!"

Dr. Bruno Szyferman is an acclaimed Hair Surgeon and General Surgeon. He is the founding member of the Argentina Association of Hair Restoration, a Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and a member of Iberoamerican Society of Hair Transplant.

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