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Hair Filler

hair filler   hair filler   hair filler
Hair filler fiber is a very straight forward low cost instant solution to hair loss.
Is your hair thinning? Do you suffer from hair loss?  Do you want to look younger and feel better about yourself? Have regained confidence? 
The answer is hair filler fiber by Finally Hair. 
Our fiber is totally safe, won't clog your pores, and we have 20 different colors to suit all hair types and hair styles. We use the highest quality ingredients. This is a non evasive temporary hair loss solution that will save you from the pain of hair transplant surgery.
We suggest you start with our 28 gram bottle of hair filler. Then you can use our hair filler refill bags to refill the bottle.  This approach will save you money as the applicator can be used over and over. Finally Hair refills come in many sizes. You can order a small 25 gram (.88 ounce) bag all the way up to a full pounder of filler. If you buy a bigger size, be sure to keep the filler in a dry place. It can be stored for years.
Once you receive the filler open the bottle and pull off the protective seal. The top of the applicator bottle has holes that act as a sifter so you can shake the filler onto your head kind of like a salt shaker.
First wash your hair.  Then style it for maximum coverage. It is a good idea to let your hair grow so that it covers as much bald or thin area as possible. The goal is to give the filler fiber a foundation of hair that it can grab onto.
It is okay to apply other hair products like gel to your hair prior to drying it. However please make sure your hair is completely dry when you apply the fiber. If your hair is wet with a gel the fiber can clump and create an undesireable effect. The only times you hear of our fiber clumping is when it is improperly used on wet hair or used in a very damp room with high humidity.  Remember that if you just took a shower, the room is going to be very damp. It is best to wait until the humidity is normal.  Our filler fiber is designed to be anti-clump.  In fact, if you shake the fibers inside the bottle, you will see that the fiber disperses.
Now that your hair is dry, lightly shake or tap the bottle of fiber over the areas that are thin. Be gentle and don't use too much fiber. Avoid that carpet effect by over applying the fiber. You don't need to over do it. The fiber will look very natural if you just add enough that it darkens the thin area. 
The front hairline can take a little practice to master. When you look in the mirror, try to visualize what the hair line would have looked like if it had grown naturally. Gently tap the bottle of fibers and try to follow the hair line. Again don't over do it. Use just enough to make it look like there is some hair there. Don't try to build it up so much that it looks fake. A little practice will give you an outstanding look.
Once you achieve the look you want, it is important that you use hair spray to hold the fiber in place for a longer period of time. We sell fiber lock spray that is ideal for this. The strong version of our spray will hold the fiber in to the point where barely any will come off on your pillow if you sleep with the fiber in.   
We don't suggest combing or brushing your hair. If you think it is going to rain be sure to carry a small umbrella with you. Remember that Finally Hair Filler Fiber is a temporary solution that will shampoo out.  If you comb or brush your hair, some of the fiber can come off. 
Finally Hair strives to bring you the best filler at the lowest possible cost. We try to offer the most comprehensive information to help you to look great and feel better about yourself.  We hope you love our products.  If you do, please write a great 5-star review.  We would love to see your before and after pictures. Please email them to info at  Thank you for your business. 

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Hair Surgeon Recommended - Finally Hair Building Fibers

Dr. Bruno Szyferman, Hair Surgeon

"I highly recommend Finally Hair building fibers. They are top quality, hypoallergenic, and look completely natural. Its almost like a 2 minute pain free hair transplant in a bottle. Give them a try. You will be glad you did!"

Dr. Bruno Szyferman is an acclaimed Hair Surgeon and General Surgeon. He is the founding member of the Argentina Association of Hair Restoration, a Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and a member of Iberoamerican Society of Hair Transplant.

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