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Hair Fiber Refill Info

hair fiber refill  hair fiber refill  hair fiber refill
Finally Hair comes in both refillable applicator shaker bottles or in refill bags. We suggest that your first purchase is a refillable applicator bottle full of fibers.  After you have the bottle you can refill it by purchasing refill bags.  Refill bags come in several sizes from 25 grams (.88 ounces) to 456 grams which is one full pound. We always suggest keeping some extra on hand and not letting your supply run out or low enough that you could run out if the mail is a day or two late.
Our hair fibers have a very long shelf life.  We say that the shelf life is ten years, however if you keep your fibers in a dry place they should last indefinitely.
This picture shows the parts of our 28 gram (.99 ounce) applicator bottle.
hair fibers bottle
The sifter is the top of the bottle where the holes are. About 1/8" below the sifter is where the applicator bottle and the sifter can be separated.  You can use your finger nail, a screw driver or a razor blade to wedge open the sifter a bit. Then use your thumb to push the sifter off the bottle.  It is a pressure fit so when you are done refilling your container, simply push the sifter back into place.
Here is a video that shows how to open the bottle so you can easily fill it with our refill bags:

   Our fibers will work in other unrelated brands of bottles as a refill.  However if you want the ideal size sifter holes, we suggest a Finally Hair bottle.  Our fibers are cut a little smaller than a lot of other brands.  We do this intentionally to lighten the weight of the fibers so they cling more to your hair and less to your scalp.

When ordering refill bags, be sure to select the proper color. You can also mix colors.  When you mix colors we suggest you pour the main color fibers into your container first, followed by the secondary color. Do not replace the sifter right away.  Screw on the lid first and shake it vigorously to mix the fibers completely.  Then remove the lid and push the sifter back into place.  The fibers should be mixed well and ready for application. 
Most other brands of hair fiber shaker bottles do open so you can dispense the fibers from them. We have tested our fibers in the following unrelated bottles: Toppik, Xfusion, Caboki, Miracle Hair, Efficent, Piz-zaz, Bosley, Kerafiber, Fully, Nanogen, Beaver, Mad men, Samson, Westwood Labs Folic Tech, Cuvva, Strand, Fibrex, Magik, Hair Illusion. Please realize that these are unrelated brands and we make no guarantees of how well they will work.  The safest way is to use a Finally Hair brand bottle.
Some bottles are not appropriate for our fibers.  We found the Bosley makes a shaker bottle but they also have a bottle that has an integrated brush. We were unable to make that bottle work correctly with our fibers, not to say that you won't have better results. 
People also ask us if our fibers will work with applicators like Toppik and Samson. Our bottle's threads are a different size. However you should be able to fill the Toppik and Samson bottle and use their applicators if you choose to. Since these are all 3rd party products, we offer no warranty so use these applicators at your own risk.
Please feel free to submit any questions regarding our refills and refillable bottles using the contact us page.  We usually have support specialists available by chat as well.

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Hair Surgeon Recommended - Finally Hair Building Fibers

Dr. Bruno Szyferman, Hair Surgeon

"I highly recommend Finally Hair building fibers. They are top quality, hypoallergenic, and look completely natural. Its almost like a 2 minute pain free hair transplant in a bottle. Give them a try. You will be glad you did!"

Dr. Bruno Szyferman is an acclaimed Hair Surgeon and General Surgeon. He is the founding member of the Argentina Association of Hair Restoration, a Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and a member of Iberoamerican Society of Hair Transplant.

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