– Root Concealer

Root Concealer by Finally Hair.  People who color their hair all face the same issue. After a week or two the hair grows out and the roots make it obvious that their hair is colored. Finally Hair fibre is the perfect solution to use as a root concealer.  

After you shampoo your hair, simply apply the fibre to the grown out or discolored area. The fibre will coat the hair and roots which turns them back to the matching color. This can expand the time between visits to the salon and keep your hair healthier since you don’t need to apply color as often. 

Another benefit is that the fibre can also color your part so your hair looks fuller.  

Finally Hair has 20 colors to match all hair colors. 

Ladies, please try our Lady’s Root Rescue and enjoy even colored hair between hair color treatment. Should you have any questions about using Finally Hair as a root concealer please contact us.  We will try our best to help you.