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Looking for a hair loss concealer?

We're Gonna Make You Feel Young Again!

Finally Hair® building fibers is a hair loss concealer that is made from 100% vegan natural ingredients that are attracted to your existing hair. The hair building fibers cling to your existing hair by way of static electricity. Then use our specially formulated fiber hair spray and the fibers stay locked to your hair day and night.
For best results, use our all natural Hair Fiber Prep Solution first. It makes the fibers stand more upright. Then sprinkle the hair building fibers to your thinning areas and watch them instantly disappear. Thousands of tiny micro fibers made to exactly match your hair color cling to your hair and scalp creating perfectly matching thick hair with volume and density that makes you look younger, have regained confidence, and feel better about yourself.
Finally Hair® prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality hair fibers that are just as good or better than the brands that cost more than twice as much. And our fibers are the only fibers designed to de-clump. Simply shake the hair building fibers and watch them disperse.
This is the newest clean pillow hair loss concealer formula. Use our fibers and our strong fiber hair spray and you can sleep with this in.
Our anti itch formula doesn't contain any wool, or ingredients that are possible health risks like Silica, or Hydantoin. Our fibers are pro health and hair surgeon recommended.
First we suggest purchasing our refillable applicator bottle which spreads the fibers evenly and is easy to use. After you have the applicator bottle you can refill it and save money by purchasing our refill bags at an even lower cost.
Our hair thickener fibers don't clump up and get fat and fake looking.
These are the highest quality hair building fibers available anywhere! We back it up with our 100% Total Satisfaction 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Why not try it now?
Available in Black, Soft Black, Dark Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Medium Brown, Dark Blonde, Golden Blonde, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Grey, Dark Grey, Auburn, Red, Off White, Pure White, Dark Salt & Pepper, Medium Salt & Pepper, Light Salt & Pepper. See our color chart. You can also shop by color or shop by product. hair fibers free samples

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Our products are inspired by good health.
They are designed to help people feel great again, however they are not a cure for hair loss.
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